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A guide to odds

A guide to odds and English football betting

English football – A lot of betting options

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English football is probably the most watched football league in the world which means there is huge demand for the game all over the world. As well as bringing huge amount of money to the clubs and TV companies, the interest in betting on English football matches has become a huge industry with a myriad of options to bet on. In fact, there are so many betting options it can be very confusing for the newcomer so it is worthwhile taking the time to understand the different ways to win and what to bet on.

Betting favourites or outsiders?

The emotional attachment of football means it is easy for a fan to place money on their team but this isn’t always the best way to make the most of a betting opportunity. A Manchester United fan may get great enjoyment from watching their team win most weeks but placing money on them winning isn’t an easy way to make money. This is because Manchester United start the majority of their games as favourites to win so the odds on them winning will be low.

Placing money on a lower club like West Bromwich Albion or Stoke City to win will see the odds being much higher and therefore a far better return on the money gambled will be earned. Of course, the odds are a fair reflection on how likely it is to happen so placing bets on who will win the league or on individual games requires a lot of patience.


Thankfully, there are so many different types of bets available that with a bit of thought, a combination of odds can be taken resulting in the possibility of winning more money. An accumulator can be a great way of running bets together and making a bigger return on your initial investment. With more games involved there is a higher risk but this also brings greater rewards.

Compare the bookmakers!

With a great number of online bookmakers, it makes sense to look around and see who has the best odds for the type of bet you wish to make but sometimes there is not much to choose between the different bookmakers. This makes sense as the odds should reflect the likely occurrence of events and any great deviation from the norm could leave a bookmaker open to greater risk of losing money.

Fractional ( UK ) or decimal odds

Another benefit of online betting is that odds are quite often displayed in fractional and decimal form, giving gamblers the opportunity to work with what they are most comfortable with.

The fractional odds are the more traditional version and are simple to understand. If Liverpool are 4/1 to defeat Fulham, betting £1 would win £4 and the return of the original money placed, so £5 is the total amount of money that the successful gambler walks away with.

Decimal odds are also very simple to understand. If Everton are listed as 2.10 to beat Aston Villa, you multiply your stake by the decimal odds to work out how much of a return is available if the bet is successful.


English football is one of the most exciting sports around and placing bets and working out the odds can make it even more interesting for the observer and give even more reason to watch the action.

English football betting

A guide to online English football betting

Online betting has revolutionised the branch

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The advances brought by the internet have brought benefit to a great number of people and they have truly revolutionised the world of sports gambling. The ability to place a bet from the comfort of your own home or on the move whilst using wireless technology has ensured that no matter the time of day, people can make their sporting entertainment even more exciting. It is unsurprising that English football has featured at the forefront of this development and the online betting options for English football are vast and varied.

Live Betting

The first aspect of English football betting that springs to mind is the ability to bet on live matches. Television coverage of the English game has risen to huge levels in recent years and then rise in live betting has followed suit. Previously betting options for football used to be about match outcomes and who would win tournaments.

But there are a mind boggling number of options to bet on during live matches now.

Who will score next goal, total number of goals, corner-kicks, yellow cards and even penalties are all available to bet on which means that even the dullest of football matches can be made more exciting.

In play betting brings the excitement of football to neutrals as well as the die hard fans and an early goal gives people the opportunity to react to prices that change during the course of the match. If you think that the team trailing will be able to pull back and win the game, the odds will be higher and the opportunity to make a good amount of money will be available.

Phone betting

Even aside from the live betting aspect, the sheer number of firms offering an online betting facility has created an intense market place which is of benefit to people wishing to place a bet.

“Free bet” offers

In order to differentiate themselves from their competitors, some firms will offer special bets including money back offers or perhaps provide huge incentives and signing up bets to encourage new customers. Whilst these opening offers will have a number of conditions attached to them regarding how money can be withdrawn, the opportunity of betting with “free money” is a good reason for many people to introduce themselves to the world of football betting.

Betting for fun and excitement, or to make money

With the huge number of football fans watching games every week, there is clearly a large demand for football and placing bets is one way that many people further their interest and excitement in the game. Whether it is to prove how much they know about the sport or just a way to make a little extra money, placing bets can bring more fun to the game and betting online is the easiest and most convenient form of placing bets.

Fractional ( UK ) or Decimal odds, you chose

The way that odds are laid out in the online betting facilities are similar to the way that traditional bookmakers priced the matches and bets but as with most online shops, a greater degree of flexibility is available. The odds can be displayed in decimal or fractional format enabling the user to place bets in the manner they find more comfortable. This flexibility helps people feel comfortable with their betting and makes it simpler to bet on English football.